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FTCI Winter Meeting is  January 3, 2021 at Springfield.



Highlights of the summer teleconference meeting:

Due to the pandemic preventing meetings, we held a teleconference for all members and another for the Board of Directors.

The Jim Edgar Panther Creek field trial headquarters building was discussed.  It is finished and turned over to the State.  There will be additional items to further complete the building when it becomes available such as water and electricity.  Those items are in the works but waiting upon the utility companies and the State to complete their paperwork etc.  A flag pole has been erected at the site.

There is a bird house on site for all to use.  The floor has been sealed for easier cleanup.  It was recommended that plastic sheets should be used to make clean up even easier.  All clubs should be aware and clean up after use so the next club will find it in good shape.  Some bird boxes are being built and will be available for use this fall.

There has been some clean up of the barns at Middlefork and Jim Edgar Panther Creek.  Clean up and repairs were made where needed.

There will be an IDNR newsletter coming in August.  The explanation of the protocols to be followed at field trials will be detailed.  Clubs will need to file their protocol plan based on the information received prior to receiving the okay to host a trial.  If you don't see your club on the IDNR calendar, don't worry.  The department is a little behind but will be catching up as they return to work.

It was determined to purchase a square terminal to be used at the next DOTY banquet.

The slate of officers was presented to be voted upon at the January meeting.